The Embryo EP

by Audio Insight

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Frame 02:25
What lies behind That mask you wear so well? Just close your eyes And feel the man beneath. . Is he there? Or was he lost? There he stands, The man who never was. . From the depths of your mind Take a deep breath and just feel it all. There can be no outside Without the inside. . Bathe in the Earth Feel everything Just close your eyes And see what's really there. . There's black and white But most of all There's everything That's in between. . Just forget everything that you think that you know Because all of this stood long before you were even a thought in the wind. . When the clouds above unfold... That's where I reside mine.
Landscapes 06:19
As he falls into that state of mind, There's no knowing what you'll find. Yeah, I know a place where there are no boundaries Leave your framework at the door. . I've been so tired and alone I've never felt so at home Taste these walls up in your head Find me a warmer home . All that matters -- what lies inside Drawing lines between clouds that aren't there All these shapes and colors lie in themselves We construct the numbers: Building landscapes -- fencing off our own . It's alright to lose yourself Inside yourself For if we were never lost How could we find ourselves? . Open-ended skies, sighing across the pale hills Open up your mind; breathe in the air.
All these faces stare Unaware of what actually Lies behind The backdrop sky . Grazing fields collecting Scraps of clay from hearsay Fear life Outside the garden . I have no depth; I'm lines A character defined by Her isolated eyes And you all . Insecure and lonely Carving men from fools gold Don't act surprised When he's not real . Paint my eyes an empty white; Drag my hands through the red of your Open wounds And cry: "murder" . Define love In a way that won't change with her name . What have I done And who have I become In the confines of your mind? In your mind? . Perceiving a building as a wall Believing there's nothing left at all Misrepresent Misperception.
Mannequin 05:35
Your conflicting minds Don't know where to reside; I offer my own A place where we can rest . I don't have all the answers No one does; neither does your crutch One at a time They all fall down . Hear me out Does your mirror Reflect anything at all Can it see your charade? . You opened the blinds But the sun was just too bright Emerged from your cave But the air was just too cold . There are those who wonder; Those who rot; those who choose to hide You see through your box But you crawl back in . I'd rather drown Than to tiptoe on the surface Where you hide Far from the tide . Just submerge your head And let the waves take you away.


* Produced by Chris Pennie (Coheed & Cambria/Dillinger Escape Plan) and Kevin Antreassian (Deftones/The Number 12 Looks Like You)

* Tracked/Mixed/Mastered by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ.

* Assistant Engineer: Scot Moriarty

* All music by Audio Insight: Anthony Celi, Michael Deverin, Dan Sullivan

* Chris Pennie played shakers, tambourines, and additional percussion.


released January 5, 2014


all rights reserved



Audio Insight Woodbridge, New Jersey

* The Embryo EP produced by Chris Pennie

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